Sunday, January 16, 2011

One, two or three...

Today is another three prednisone day.

Maybe I pushed myself too much yesterday. By day's end, I had been on two walks, instead of one - the second time in sandals, which was much easier on my toes and feet. I wasn't as exhausted as I had been the day before. I went to bed at a reasonable time, but I knew the minute I got out of bed that I'd need the maximum dose of prednisone for the day.

I also had more difficulty getting in and out of the car today. The drive to Ft. Myers apparently didn't agree with me.  We went to the early service at church so that Louis could shop at Bass Pro and we could eat out before grocery shopping. At Bass Pro, I opted to wait in the lobby while Louis and Emily shopped, and after lunch I stayed in the car while Louis and Emily did the grocery shopping. I can't ever remember that happening. Grocery shopping is my "territory" - my domain. It's one thing for Louis or Emily to stop at the grocery store by themselves on the way home from work or trips to Ft. Myers. It's another thing altogether for me to allow them to grocery shop without me while I wait in the car.

Now that I have had a nice nap, the prednisone has kicked in and I feel like a different person. It would be great to feel better and be more energetic earlier in the day. I'm just very, very grateful for the prednisone. I can only imagine how I would feel on these "three prednisone days" without access to prednisone at all. Been there, done that. Don't want to do it again.


  1. My hubby was on prednisone for a time. It really helped him. He was able to go off it when his lung diease went into remission. Praise God it is helping you also.

  2. Thank you, Sally. I'm encouraged to know that I might some day be able to stop the prednisone.