Monday, January 17, 2011

Moving slowly forward...

I've always appreciated the wisdom Steve shares at TheOldRedHat.Com, but this post was exactly what I needed to read today...
It is too easy to get stuck in the gridlock of life. 
The counsel from heaven is to move forward, to move heavenward.
My doctor called earlier with the results of my CAT scan and the news is a mixed bag of uncertainty - one of those gridlocks of life, as Steve put it.

No mass or lymph nodes, but possibly bilateral (meaning both lungs) scarring, atelectasis (fluid where there should be air), and a slowly resolving infiltrate. The consensus is that it is probably fibrosis related to the RA and I should go ahead with the methotrexate in the hopes that it will effectively reduce inflammation and my lungs will improve as a result. If not, more extensive pulmonary studies will be ordered.

The CT scan also inadvertently revealed multiple lesions - possibly small colloidal cysts - in both lobes of my thyroid. I have battled hoarseness off and on for years, but certainly more so in recent months. All my thyroid labs are within normal limits, but a thyroid ultrasound for later in the week has been ordered and I'll probably need an ENT referral.

I'm already scheduled for an echo-cardiogram this Thursday. Who knows when I'll be able to schedule the colonoscopy (routine for those of us with crohns).

Emily and I both have coughs and sore throats. I'll probably wait until the end of the week to determine if I should begin the methotrexate or wait another week. The sore throat just muddies the waters.

Because RA fibrosis and effusions are treated with prednisone, my primary doctor thinks I should probably continue taking three (a total of 15mg) every morning (whether I think I need it for my joints or not) in the hope of reducing overall inflammation and improving my lungs.  I think it is the prednisone that is giving me nightmares, so I'm not too thrilled with that decision.

The one thing I won't do is stay stuck in the gridlock. I'm moving forward. Aren't we all?


  1. Dear Patricia,

    Sometimes we need to take a back road to get around the gridlock. The speed limit might be lower, but the scenery is often quite lovely.

    If anyone will have the faith and passion to find the right scenic route, I know it's you - and I hope you have your camera handy. ;-)

    Hugs, Mel

  2. (((((Mel))))) Don't know about taking my camera with me on this particularly journey, but maybe you are's all about looking for the beautiful in the not-so-beautiful....for finding the flowers amid the thorns. =)

  3. {{{hugs back}}}

    I'll be starting One Thousand Gifts tonight - I'm so excited to read it after your comments about it.

    Wishing you many flowers among the thorns.

  4. Oh, Melonie...I LOVE that wish for flowers among the thorns. Thank you.